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As the COVID-19 crisis rumbles on, we are all beginning to realise that we will have to get used to this way of life for some time to come. The social and economic impact of the situation are inextricably linked…wherever you are in the world. It’s become a global issue.

In this next article I ask: How can we make social impact and economic growth work together post COVID-19?

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In the current crisis, many businesses are turning to CSR to give back to the community, take part in good causes, provide positive social value, and of course build their brand. In this article, I ask what can our current situation teach us about social impact integration and how it can transform our future?

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In this current crisis, we are seeing first hand how business and society work together…the good and the not so good…and the real challenges that affect so many people. I believe we can learn some vital lessons from this situation so that, post COVID-19, we can bring about significant changes to ensure economic develop-ment and social impact work hand-in-hand for mutual benefit.

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